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3039. Roukoz .F. Hobeika
Subject: Your urgent assistance is needed in good (FAITH)

Greetings to you.

I am Mr. Roukoz .F. Hobeika and though I reside in the U.K, I am actually a
citizen of U.A.E. I am the heir apparent to a family business with its "roots"
in Dubai, U.A.E. The importance of my position in my family mandated that I be
sent to study for a degree in the U.K. At the conclusion of my degree
programme, my family decided to open the first European branch of the company
in the U.K which deals in oil and gas products and I was put in-charge to run
it. This was of course a good beginning for me.

At present, we are almost at the end of another trading year and our auditors
have once again brought it to our attention, that the tax rates applicable to
our company is enormous  simple because we are an international company based
in the UK. These taxes are gradually "killing" our business, and after taken a
critical overview of the records from "day one" the auditors seem very correct.

At the end of 2006 I had no choice but to relate the disturbing situation to
my father. After much "brain storming", my father has decided to close the UK
branch at the beginning of 2008. He has directed that we salvage what is left
of our investment and move into another country in Europe where there taxes
are low so we could still do business with our European clients.

Now, you must wonder why I have contacted you! I am contacting you now because
there is an arrangement that I have personally mapped out to ensure that what
ever cash remaining in the Company account be transferred to who ever is
willing to assist me in this regards. All you will be required to do is to
send an invoice from your end which we would prepare using your company’s
details, stating that you supplied our company with equipment to the tune of
$18,500,000 (Eighteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)
through 2004/05. Once this agreement is set up, I will have a copy submitted
to my bankers here so they can immediately begin the transfer processes of the
stipulated amount in favour of the goods supplied (Supposedly) by you.

After the agreement between you and I has been submitted to my bankers, I will
file for bankruptcy so our access/funds would be used to pay you. Once I file
in for bankruptcy, I will not need to pay any taxes, while the invoice still
stands with my bankers. This way, I will be able to relocate from the U.K. You
must understand that I personally have something in it for myself because what
I declare to the company in Dubai is what will be stated and accepted.

If you are willing to assist, please respond to this message and bear in mind
that your confidentiality is required because if this arrangement fails, I
will probably loose everything I own in the U.K and go down with tax evasion
which is a serious offence here in the UK.

For your assistance, there is a reward. This will be discussed as soon as I
get a response from you.

Feel free to reach me by my private email: I will be awaiting your response

Thank you in view of your anticipated urgent cooperation.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Roukoz .F. Hobeika

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