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3076. Lady Gloria Faducci
Subject: lady Faducci Gloria of a dying desire

My Dearly beloved,

I am pleased that you replied me, at the end of this email you will understand what i want from you, its my duty to ask if you will be honest. Read on and see what i want from you, but your honesty will go a long way.

I was reading through a web page and found your profile interesting while searching for a possible beneficiary that will be of immense benefit to me and my late husband, if pursued to its logical conclusion. Although, I do not know you in person but I do maintain my late husband's-philosophy that friendship is people and contacts. Friendship is always based on trust and open mindedness, and it is on this note that I act.

I am presently lying on my dying bed,as a barren mother if i would put it that way,i have no kids and all my relatives are way too dubious and i believe if this funds is passed to them,it would be used for their selfish interests.

I have not much time to live on earth as i am at the verge of passing on.I want you to state clearly if you will use this funds accordingly? But if you feel you can't on the fact that your conscience is not pure,then you can as well tell me in your reply that you are not intrested.

I have discuss this matter with my Lawyer and he is going to work with the Bank and secure this funds from the UK Bank where it is been kept for safe custody in a very proper and legal manners and he will make the arrangement with the Bank in your name, as the new beneficiary of the fund and also my next of kin, to move the fund from England to meet you in your country, with your data.

My Attorney is Barrister Mike Mc Carthy. Do email him at once and let him commence with the transfer modalities, his email address is:, you can reach him through his telephone number, which is +447045704751 and you can also contact me through his telephone number but note that you must ensure that this is not disclosed to anybody until the money has been successfully transfered to you because of security reasons on my side.

You are implored to use this funds for the less-privileged, widows, and orphans, destitute and indigent persons in the society. Please, do your best to see that the dreams of my husband SIR Faducci of blessed memory and my dream is fulfilled and make sure this is kept confidential until the transfer is completed and the good works of charity commence, as you are the only one contacted for this and aware of this too.

Sincerely yours,
lady Faducci Gloria of a dying desire

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