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3102. Bob Freebury

J.P. wrote to the agency:

I believe that I am the victim of a fraud attempt.

On January 9th 2008, I was contacted by e-mail by a man calling himself Bob Freebury from Orchard Vale Trust. I am a member a translation service and I was contacted for a translation contract which I accepted and completed. Since this was for a charitable organization, we agreed that one of their "donors" would send me a certified cheque for the amount that I quoted for the translation.
   I received the latest email this morning and apparently one of the "donors" has sent me a payment for $3800 which exceeds my fee and I'm to contact them once I get it so that they can tell me how to send back the balance. Obviously I'm not going to do that but I don't know what to do from here...
p.p.s. Orchard Vale Trust is an actual charitable organization - please see

The scam involves sending out a stolen or false cheque in the hope that the victim will send the excess back to the scammer before his/her bank bounces the bad cheque.
J.P.'s agency replied:

We're sorry about this bad experience. You were victim of a Nigerian scam. We've already sent 6 newsletters about these swindlers.

As you've seen in the header, this message came from the following IP: If you use Traceroute, you're able to know this message came from a nigerian server which ALWAYS means swindler and crook.

descr:          Starcomms Ltd. RESERVED Nigeria
origin:         AS33776
mnt-routes:     MNT-STARCOMMS
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-RPSL-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered

This "Bob Freebury" is a well-known nigerian crook. As he know he'll never be caught by local authorities, he uses this name since 2 years at least...

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