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3121. Thelma Campos Kostadinovic

INVESTMENT ASSISTANCE Good Day, It is obvious that this proposal will come to you as a suprise, this is because we have not met before but I am inspired to sending you this email following the opportunity that will be of mutual benefit to both parties. My name is Mrs.Thelma Campos Kostadinovic, I am in search of a partner who will assist me in a lucrative ventures in Europe, Middle East, Asia or America. You will be required to assist in the transfer of the principle sum for the investment and as well advise on lucrative area(s) of investment, and also assist in the management of same investments. If you could be kind enough to render your services to me in this regard, you shall be rewarded with 15% of the principal sum while 10% of the investments dividends shall be paid to you annually. Kindly indicate your interest by responding to this email to enable me provide you with more details and modalities regarding this offer. PLAESE REPLY THIS EMAIL TO MY PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS Yours faithfully, Mrs.Thelma Campos Kostadinovic. Reply

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