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Subject: [OFFICIAL] Prize Award Notice.

Design House, Exmoor Avenue,
Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire NL45 8RE.

TICKET NO: APL (29-93-04-44)
BATCH NO: 2008APL-001 (bonus no.12)
REF NO: B99-775-643APL


We happily announce to you the draw (#1092) of the APPLE® LOTTERY, online
Sweepstakes International Program held on Monday February 18th, 2008. Your
e-mail address attached to TICKET NO: APL (29-93-04-44) with BATCH NO:
2008APL-001(bonus no.12), which subsequently won you the lottery in the
2nd Category i.e. match 2 plus bonus. You have therefore been approved to
Claim a total sum of £ 700,000.00 GBP (Seven Hundred thousand British
Pounds Sterling) in cash credited to file REF NO: B99-775-643APL.

All participants for the online version were selected Randomly from World
Wide Web sites through Computer Ballot Draw system and extracted from over
100m Secured Web Sites Worldwide and your E-mail address was selected
which subsequently led to your Winning this Lottery in the 1st Category
i.e. Match 2 plus bonus.  In view of this, your £ 700,000.00 GBP (Seven
Hundred thousand British Pounds Sterling) will be released to you by our
payment office here in London, United Kingdom.

To claim your winning prize, you must first contact the Fiduciary Agent by
email for processing and remittance of your prize money to you. Below is
the contact of the Fiduciary Agent. Note, when contacting the fiduciary
agent you must quote your REF NO. BATCH NO. and your TICKET NO.
AGENT: Mr Garry Cooke
TEL/FAX: +44 (0) 701 112 9348

Claims Requirements:
1.Full Name :
2.Address :
3.Nationality :
4.Age :
5.Occupation :
6.Phone/Fax :
7.Present Country :

Mr. Allen Robert
- - - - -
Please Note:
* Claims should be made within fourteen (14) working days from the day of
contact, delay will be warranted to disqualification;
* Individuals not interested or unable to facilitate the claims to their
winnings should forward a letter address to the Management stating their
inability to make claims, so as to avoid time wasting and problems for
their Fiduciary Agent.
-   -   -   -

This email is sent by a "Apple Secured Mail Servers"  7.12 Notification. ©
2008 Apple Lottery Programs. All Rights Reserved.

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