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3133. Jeffrey Orogun
Subject: Is Sucide The Best Option ?

Dearest Friend,

I am Jeffrey Orogun from Warri Delta State Nigeria. How are you and your family, I hope they are fine, my regards to them. My aim of writing you this letter is just to tell you that I need a little favour from you wish is praying for me because I have less than a week to give up the ghost. I am committing suicide because of what life has thought me as an orphan, my life as an orphan as been a very hard on me since the dead of my parents.

My first set-back started when I was at work December 26th when I got a news from our co-tenant, who came to my place of work and told me that our house is on fire, I rush home only to see that the house that I left complete has been burnt down by fire, we had nothing than to look for the next available apartment to accommodate us, not only that but two years later the worst happen to me when I lost my whole in a car accident living me helpless, this was the great shock of my life, all my life I had never thought of becoming an orphan not until it happen to me, I know from that day that my life has become a living hell.

When this happen my father in-law claim everything my father ever had and leave me in the street to suffer till my death, I have no choice then to pick up my pieces and start life as a street boy, all my effort to secure a job has come to nothing, for the pass 5 years since the death of my parents life has turn it back on me. There is little or nothing that I can do to earns meat, sometimes I eat only three times a week, every night the thought of joining my parents in heaven has been my watch word and I have came to realize that the best option left for me is suicide.

There are lot of jobs that I have been doing for people around me such as: house help, cleaner, massager boy, taking care of kids between the ages of 0 -15, as well as taking care of older people etc. all those I have been doing just to put food in my mouth, but they stop at nothing just to call me a poor orphan and a church rat, being an orphan is a crime and a huge blow to my face. I have my dreams and ambition to become a successful business man and also a becoming an helping hand to the orphans and the less privilege in the society even the world as a whole.

Please I will like to you do me just two favor, first I know what I am about telling you is not right for me to, but it is out of your own will if you will or will not help me. My only hope left in this life is your help that you will or may not render to me, since life has been very difficult for me, I know of a small profitable business that I can do to help myself achieve my goals in life, I would like to open a store as a soft drink seller such as (coca cola coke, fanta, malt, etc.) this I would be selling whole sales to people around me, this is the only profitable business I know of.

On the other hand, if you can’t help me financially then you can help me by praying for me because your response will determine if I am going to live or not, I have just a week days left to decide if committing suicide is the best option or living with your help is the best option, there are lot of things I really want to do in life that I am yet to achieve because of financial problem. This letter is not a joke, my ‘will’ is already written down and I ‘willed’ it to a total stranger I know nothing about, although I have gold nor silver but the little I had I hope he will find favor in it.

Life had thought me that the rich get richer why the poor get poorer, my entire struggle for the pass five years has come to nothing, and everyday passes with pains and sorry in my heart, dreaming of better days to come my way. If I were to have a family, life wouldn’t had been unfair to me no hope for the poor, think about million of people out there living in the street and think of what your contribution towards helping them in any way you can. Some are cases of divorced parents why some where born out of ill luck.

Most orphans living in the street are from Africa, dieing of huger and salvation, ask yourself, what have I really done to help the less privilege around me or in my community, been rich is a good achievement everyone has ever dream of but not everyone if privilege to become rich in life. I am saying this in respect what the rich in the society is hut to be doing, I know the joy in taking care of an orphan your reward may not be here on earth but in heaven, God never planed for some people to be rich and some people to be poor, it is just so unfortunate that life has it ups and downs. If today I become some body in life, the thought of been an orphan in my pass will not be there anymore because 99% of my wealth will goes out to the less privilege not just in my country but to all over the world.

This I promise myself to do if life will still permit me to. I am pleading for you to be a helping hand to the needed if not to me but to someone else who needs it. $100, $500, $1000 will not make you poor or stop you from achieving your goals in life, those will go a long way to help us the less privilege in the society, do not look at it as if I am trying to take advantage of you because you are rich or that I have to opportunity to, all I am trying to say is that there are people like us our there living from hand to mouth who need help, people with bright future, there is a need for you to help when you have the opportunity to, God knows best why I had to be an orphan.

Jeffrey Orogun.

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