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3139. Barrister Daniel Kelly
Subject: Urgent Attention Needed

Barrister Daniel Kelly
Principal Partner Daniel Legal Counsellors.
Dear Friend,
I am sorry for the unusual approach that I have
contacted you. This is an official legal notice of an
unclaimed fund left by your deceased relative,
Whose life was relinquished in an airliner
crash of 25th December 2003 my client,his wife and
three children were involved in the Benin Airways
flight air crash with registration
number(141-UTA) which departed from a village called
Adjarra near Porto Nouvo in Benin Republic to
destination Lome where nobody survived.
I would be greatfull if you would allow me to send you
details of this opportunity that I am currently
involved in at the moment since i have made several
enquiries to locate any of my client's extended
relatives but has proved unsuccessful.Our beneficiary
act laws allows for such claim as far proof ,documents
and information about the deceased are presented to
the bank.
As the former legal attorney,confidant to your late
relative and witness of fact of the above mentioned
subject matter,i hereby solicit for your immediate
response and positive committed efforts in this matter
to facilitate the fund  remittal of total sum
$10million.This fund was left behind in a Financial
house(bank) by your deceased relative. 
Contact me  for more voice to voice clarifications
through my telephone : 00228 931-7670 for more
As soon as your affirmative response is received,i
will subsequently contact you immediately after your
positive response to this convenant will and provide
you with more details and informations required by law
to legally support you for this claim.I want you to
respond to my private e-mail box
May his fragile soul rest in perfect peace,Amen!
Best wishes,
Barrister Daniel Kelly(Esq)

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