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3157. Advocaat A. Voerman

Advocaat. A. Voerman
Amsterdam, Netherlands


This is an urgent letter seeking your sincere capability to partake in a mutual business transaction.

I am making this contact with you based on reliable information available to us courtesy of internet business index and confirmed by our local Chambers of Commerce and Industry concerning your reputation. I am seeking your assistance / partnership in receiving the sum of US$12.5Million belonging to my late client (Elisabeth Eybers).

Now, for us to successfully commence this mutual business, I will like to know you better to enable me trust you 100%. The need for trust in this business is due to the large sum involved and as such, I will like you to provide me with a brief description of yourself. Once I have this response from you, I will feel a lot safer to divulge vital aspects of this business to you and provide you with all the needed information which would enable us commence this mutual business transaction immediately.

Kindly forward to me in your response your private telephone and fax number to this email; ( for any correspondent.

I wait to hear from you ASAP.

Yours truly,

A. Voerman (Esq.)

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