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3167. North Dakota Draw
Subject: Congratulation..!! Ref Number: PW 9590 ES 9414

North Dakota.
Draw Details:
Ref Number: PW 9590 ES 9414
Batch Number: 573881545-NL/2008

Dear Winner,
Your ticket number: 023-0148-790-459 with Serial number 573881545-NL/2008 drew
the lucky number: 29 We are pleased to notify you that your emailaddress
emerged as a winner in our promotional lotto sweepstakes and as a
result you havebeen granted the lump sum payout of 500.000.00G.B.P which is
equivalent to $917,956.00 USD .Contact  your claims officer below for
your claims/winnings.
Mr.Alex Granger,
Tel: +44 704 577 9953

1.Names:( )2.Address:( )
3. Age:( )4. Sex:( )
5. Marital Status:( )6.Occupation:( )
7.Phone numbers:( ) 8.Fax num:( )
9.Country: ( )

Alex Granger
On line Coordinator
Hotlotto Sweepstakes.

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