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3180. Mathew Oldman
Subject: Call me : +226 76 58 51 80

From:Mr. Mathew Oldman
Contact me on my family mailbox
For safety:Email:
Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Mathew Oldman , from Burkina Faso . I will be very glad if you do assist me to accomplish this mutual deal. Actually, i got your contact through a Internet Banner and i decided to communicate with you in a good manner.

To make it clear, (This is a mutual deal) and i want both of us to operate it so that the money will be Transfer into your bank account upon your acceptance . This is a mutual and pure business transaction ,only i cannot operate it alone without using a Foreigner who will act as a beneficiary to the money ( US$15.8M ).And the 40% will be for you after the business.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to do the deal with me,bear in mind this is a 100% risk free and legitimate . All you should do is to keep it top secret and confidential to yourself until the end of the transaction for the safety of the money .

If you can proceed with me on this deal bear in mind, it is not by-force that you must do it with me but if your willing furnish me your telephone and fax number, home and office address together with your international passport or Identity Card to enable me file the Application for the transfer to commence.

Contact me through my family mailbox for safety:

Mr. Mathew Oldman

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