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3238. Dr Hamilton Shaw
Subject: Dear winner

Address :  Cixi Fuhai Town Industrial Zone
  Republic of China
Phone :0574-63563328
Fax   :0574-63569811
Website : w w w. g l ob al n in gb o . c o m (romove space from the site)
Date : 5th. Feb. 2008
                :::______YEAR 2008 EMAIL PRIZE AWARDS________:::
   Dear Winner,
      We at Ningbo Aole global office likes to officially congratulate you for
the draw that was just held by our company which featured you as the second
place winner.
      Our company holds promotions each year just to promote our global
publicity and reputations as we plan to exploit more corners of the world with
our highly valued products line.This promotion is just one of various ways we
are presently using to achieve this global vision of ours.
    Your email address with MICROS ID ( PLD-29103-LGT-901GH-9JL ) was luckily
drawn to be this year's second place winner of a Brand New 2007 BMW x5 car and
a cash prize of $485,000 United States Dollars.This money and gift we believe
will enable you make some impact in the society and possibly invest in our
company in the near future.
    Ensure you contact Dr, Hamilton Shaw who is our claims official in Europe..
United Kingdom and can understand your english and some european languages.See
details of him below.
  Name    : Dr Hamilton Shaw
  Email   :
  Address : Embark Lane 23, London. United Kingdom
  Phone   : (+44)- 7045719200
     When contacting the claims agent you should include the following if you
must get a response from him;
      *** Your Full Name
      *** Address
      *** Phone number
      *** Age
      *** Gender
      *** Occupation
      *** Winning email and Micros ID
        We know you must be excited and very happy about this news you have
just received from us and the truth is that we are doing this to put smiles
into homes and hearts of people worldwide.The only thing you will need to pay
to this company is to kindly place our company logo on the BMW that you have
just won for a minimum of 6months.
   Special greetings from the entire family of Ningbo Aole Worldwide.
                              Mrs, Li Haicang (Sec.)
  *NOTE**  You must be 22years or older to claim. Late response is not
accepted.Misconduct and non adherence to instructions leads to prize termination

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