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3265. Prize Claim Coordinator
Subject: Congratulations - This is NOT a joke - We have been trying to reach you

Dear Sweepstakes Enthusiast:

The above facsimile check represents First Round Jackpot funds reserved and available to be claimed by the winner from Prize Claim Center. If you are the named and confirmed winner in accordance with the official rules, it is important that you claim your winnings before 3/15/2008. You will also be given six opportunities to win considerably larger amounts within 24 hours without cost or obligation. No purchase necessary.

Congratulations and continued good luck!

Michael J. Armstead
Director Prize Claims

PS - Act now to avoid forfeiture. In accordance with the rules any prize not claimed by the deadline will be forfeited. Void where prohibited.

If you no longer wish to receive this offer by email, please click here.
PlasmaNet Inc. Dept. R, PO Box 4562, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163

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