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3324. Madam Susan Cole

Dear Beloved,
Thank you for your response. It goes to show that you have been destined to be great and I implore you to be as honest as possible in this dealing  and the Almighty will also bless you for your effort in seeing that persons are brought out of their predicament.
You may wonder why i have to give a complete stranger my funds,you do not have to blame me because i have given my husband relatives to distribute the funds on my behalf and each time my funds end up in privates pockets that is why i have to pray to God to give me the wisdom and i find out that its only a complete strager with good intentions that can carry my last wish.
 The principle of life for my family the Susan Cole family is to bring succour to the needy and to be there for the downtrodden at every giving time and this is why both I have made a will that the Five Million Pounds funds be giving to you for the care and upkeep of widows, widowers, orphans, destitute, the down-trodden, physically challenged children, barren-women and persons who prove to be genuinely handicapped financially.
I do not have much time,so i am sending you the contact of the bank so the funds can be transfer to you with out any delay,i will also send you a pic or more of myself and i want you to put me in prayers because i will be in for another set of operation this weekend.
You are to contact the Bank with your full name and address and contact phone number for the swift transfer of this fund to your nominated bank account in your country so that the good work of charity can commerce.
Tell them that i have directed you to contact them concerning my money deposited with them, they will put you through on how to make claim of the money. I will monitor events from here in the hospital to see that you dont have any complication in claiming the are requested to send the bank and email with the details below.
Trinity Road, Halifax,
West Yorkshire,HX1 2RG  England

Contact Person : Mr. James Walker
(Foreign Operations Manager)
Tel:    +44703-187-4223
Fax: :+44870-471-7945

As you go ahead and contact the bank,you should tell me a little more of your self,and how you are going to distribute the funds in your country.You can add me to your im so that we can chart at my spare yahoo id

Faithfully yours,
Madam Susan Cole

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