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Subject: Re: Valued Attention From The West African Monitoring Institution.

State of North Carolina 
Office of the Governor  
Michael F. Easley    

  Contact: Dr. James Dafu     
Date: 26: 03: 2008    

C/255 ZONGO, P.M.B. 1327 COTONOU.
Tele: (+229)938-926-55


Re: Valued Attention From The West African Monitoring Institution
Attn: Beneficiary, 

After several attempt to reach you by phone, Ideemed it necessary and urgent to notify you finally about the outstanding Settlement of your over due payment.

This is to inform you that we West African Monitoring institution, has taken upon ourselves to settle these very bills, because of the dubious attitude of the apex institution/Courier companies in Africa who have made things difficult to their dear client.

On the detailed verification and reconciliation of your file, it was crystal to us that you are the rightful bonafide beneficiary to the said fund and Cheque/Draft which has been delayed due to lack of information of which you were misled and misguided about the position of this Fund that made it too longer up till date.

However, after our due checking of your file and it was satisfactorily approved for payment, that is why you have to disengage from any body or impersonated officers who claim to be in position of your fund or Cheque/Draft, thereby misleading and having the opportunity to extort money From you. Because of this outstanding problem, the president committee on contractual, fund and Cheque/Draft matters has decided to pay this fund to you through our paying bank in USA Bank of America in conjunction with bank of africa.

We have concluded all the necessary arrangement towards the releasement of your payment dispatching the senate in collaboration with federal ministry of finance have already deposited ($1.200,000) for the re-validations payment.

For the immediate take off and simultaneous clear up discrepancy in your file, it is obligate under the agreement which is regulating this transfer that you will pay $258. to enable us automate your information on the transfer script so as to legitimately effect the transfer to your position.

So, you are advice to forward your full name, contact address and telephone number and ask us how to send the money across to us, to enable us finalize is transfer/delivery. Contact our Loot programming office In Benin.

Dr. James Dafu. 
Here is his E-mail:
Telephone:  +229-938-926-55

To enable them to transfer your fund to you or issue you a cashier Check, Visa Card, Bank bound and credit card, You are advice to send us your credit card information so that we can wire your fund into your credit card so that you can cash and withdraw it at your convinent time if you so desire us to send it to you into your Credit. make sure that you call our office today so that we can finalize this without any delay.

Accept our congratulations in advance.
Dr. James Dafu.
Tele: +229-938-926-55

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