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3334. Sheldon Reynold
Subject: Urgent Job For You..


My name is Sheldon Reynold., I am an artist i Own Steve ART WORLD in
London (United Kingdom).I do sell my art and painting to people all
around the world mostly Americans. I am always facing serious difficulties
when it comes to selling my art Works to Americans, they are always
offering to pay with MONEY ORDER, which is Difficult for me to cash here in
London United Kingdom.

I am looking for a representative in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who
Will Be working for me, as a part-time worker and I will be willing to
pay10% for every transaction, whichwouldn't affect your present state of
Work,Someone who would helpme receive payments from my customers in
the States in form of MONEYORDER'S or TRAVELLER'S CHEQUE,because the cost
of coming to the stateand getting payments is very expensive, I am
  working on Setting Up abranch in the state, so for now i need a
representative in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ,CANADA and any were in the work
that you can cash money order who will be handling the payment aspect
for our Company.

All you need to do is to cash the payment deduct 10% and send the
Remaining 90% Via Western Union Money Transfer.All transfer fees will be
deducted from The 90% so you are rest assured that you wouldn't spend a
dime out of Your Personal money.

If you are interested, N: B, Please send to me the listed
information below directly to me at (

1. Your Name:

2. Physical Residential Address:

3. City:

4. State:

5. Zip Code:

6. Phone Number:

7. Country:

8. Age:

9. E-mail address:

10. Have you received or done an offer like this before:

11. If Yes put details and out come of it:

The above information should be forwarded to me so we can start


Sheldon Reynold.
Company Reg NO: 3019628

VAT Reg NO:735 773 701
Phone: +++447024098523


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