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3356. World Health Organization®

WHO Clearance Number: WHO1000909
A certified award check of (£6.5, million GB Pounds = $13,591,000
USDollars) in award credited to file NO: M154S/WL04, left the World
Healthorganization's Head Quarters for your address. it is important we
know if you received it. Re-confirm  your address and get back to us via
email addresses below with the details beneath for reference.
1.Full Names: 2.Address: 3. Nationality/Country/State:  4. Age/Sex:
5.Marital status: 6.Occupation: 7.Phone/Fax No:  8. Email/Alternate
Dr. B. Sadasivan, Chairman.
Hon. Marvin Valentino, claims officer.
Ellen Bowell,Secetary.
No personal information such as: Names, Address, or occupation  will be
captured on visiting our Web page,as your privacy is vitally important.The
National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries recently alerted
World Health Organization of clearance number to cut down spams. So if you
receive or have received,check for  clearance number.They are usually 10
digits; three alphabetical and seven numerical numbers.You will find ours
top left of this page.

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