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3424. Camelot Group
Subject: Your Award Notification!


Your email account have been picked as a winner of a lump sum pay out of Eight
hundred and ninety-one  thousand, nine hundred and thirty-four Great Britain
pounds (£891,934.00 pounds sterling) in cash credited to file REF NO.
REF:UKL/74-A0802742008. This is from total prize money of GBP £4,459,670.00
shared among the FIVE (5) international winners in this category.
All participants for the online version were selected randomly from World Wide
Web through computer balloting system drawn from over 100,000 names database,
union associations and corporate bodies that are listed online. This promotion
is this year's United Kingdom National Lottery APRIL 2008 BONANZA.

Note below your winning details:
Ticket NO: 22-1356-4096-988
Serial NO: A069-08
Lucky NO: 12-13-21-26-32-39 Bonus-17
File REF NO: UKL/74-A0802742008
BATCH NO: 2008UKL-01

To begin your claim, please contact Claims Officer with your full name,address
and telephone number(s):
Mr. Rowan Woodward.
Tel: +44-702-402-9229

He will brief you on steps to be taken for due processing and remittance of your
prize money.


Dianne Thompson
Chief Executive Officer,
Camelot Group;
Operator of The National Lottery.

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