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3441. Cyprus Payment Department


We are pleased to inform you that following Approval Notification from the Cyprus National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF). This office is under instruction to transfer your payment to your nominated account having met all the necessary requirements.

You are therefore requested to come down to the Central Bank of Cyprus for the giving of your FUND RELEASE ORDER hard copy document on or before 25th April. 2008. Alternatively, you may request these hard copy documents be sent to you via courier service.

In this case you are to bear the official responsibility of positing the documents to you. As you know these are government classified bended documents with embossed seal of the Presidency and bank. Hence, there are strict protocols observed in sending such documents overseas with a standard legal cost and stamp duty of (US$ 100.00). The National Insurance Co-operation of Cyprus (NICOC) will insure the cover value (US$ 170.00) on a normal freight cost of (US$ 270.00). Note, this is in line with the Central Bank of Cyprus; Transfer Monitory Act of 1989 as amended in 2002 to ensure the right of the beneficiary, hence the Central Bank of Cyprus will not be liable for any wrongful transfer of fund.

Alternatively, where you can not meet up with the above transfer requirement, you are advised to make your traveling arrangements to either London or Holland which are our cash payment centers where you will be required to sign the transfer release hard copy document and thereafter have your payment made to you.

Be Guided,
James Benjamin

between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99

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