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3465. Mrs Glroy Attah
Subject: Please I need your help!!!!

Good day,

I am Gloria Attah a female Ghanaian of 22years of age. I am the first daughter of my parent with my 11 years old brother as the only children of my father and mother.However, I wish to inform you that my father was the commander of the ancient Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana and there was a controversial scandal going into the Gold Sector of the Government whereby the government requested he should over influence a contract to the sum of US$300,000,000.00 Million to their personal benefits as top officials of the government.

To the refusal of my father to this proposal, they have to kill him to have their way for their own selfish interest. But before the death of my father, he told me that he deposit the sum of US$10,500,000.00 with a security company in two metallic boxes as consignments but registered them as precious items and personal effects.

He told me that in case if anything happens to him that, I should make sure I find a foreign partner that will help us move the consignments out from the security company and invest the funds. He also warned us not to associate with any of his friends down here or members of the family for our own safety.

I want you to know that he gave me the Certificate of Deposit of the funds, Consignment Control Label Number and Transfer Freight Manifest and I will supply you with these documents once you agree to help us and have only 30% of the total funds after your efforts. Hoping to hear from you so that I will inform you what to do next.

Yours truly,

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