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3494. TrustKey\'2008 refnum-90
Subject: If you want to change something Ref: 641

Please have a look on this advertisement and read it carefully until the end. First, you have to understand what our corporation is looking for and if you think that this kind of vacancy is made for you,
please request for our Project Manager Contract to be signed. If you have one free hour daily (not including weekends) you are welcome to join today.
Our job is a flextime, flex-place opportunity designed to fit around your family's income and time needs.

You can earn FROM 600GBP up to 2,000GBP weekly (depends on our products sales) and more after one year working with us.
Our firm can GUARANTEE 3,500GBP every month income during your first year of work.

What we offer you:
- Flexibility of hours (any hour you choose)
- Work at home (all you have to to is check your email and go to the bank)
- Part Time/Full Time
- Daytime and Evening Hours
- Professional management team with a strong support system
You will have one transfer for process per 2 days and your profit will be instant!
You will have your commission in hand on the same day because you will deduct your money 
from every transfer that you receive
after the bank or the check cashing store clears the payment.

Established European company is seeking for dependable, enthusiastic Administrative Assistants.
If you have a desire to work at home...WITHOUT ANY SELLING INVOLVED, this is the job for you!
No matter what you do for a living - whether you are a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a secretary, a nurse, a housewife or
a construction worker. Without any Previous internet experience our firm will provide a less complicated way,
a smoother road to move ahead financially.

You DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING TO WORK FOR US like other internet companies are asking. Instead: you will have your 5% commission in hand with every order that you process.
No need to wait for paycheck at the end of the month because you DEDUCT YOUR COMMISSION SAME DAY YOU WORK.
You will receive the response same day. Remember: No costs and Nothing to buy. No membership to pay. No accounts to purchase.

More benefits:
- No Selling
- Work Full Time or Part Time
- This is NOT Network Marketing
- You can work at other work
- This is NOT a Distributorship
- There is NO 'Kit' to Buy
- There are NO Envelopes to Stuff
- We DO NOT Charge You a Dime
- We Pay Weekly
- This is not a scam

We don't ask fees for this vacancy. We don't ask experience, just few hours are needed in one week.

Candidate requirements:
- Adult person only (minimum age 21);
- Computer with internet connection and E-Mail ;
- Banking account (Streamline, everyday account);
- You need to respond to our emails same day ;
- Be responsible, hard working and communicable.

Remember: we GUARANTEE 3500GBP every month income.

If you have what it takes to be successful in this position, and are interested in a career with real progression opportunities then apply online and send your CV`s to HR DEPARTMENT .
Kind regards.

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