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3495. Government Grant Administrator
To: Toothbrush M. Whirled <>
Subject: Instructions to receive a Government Grant

We would like to give you a Government Grant CD for no cost at all that will help you find a US Grant worth thousands of dollars that you may never have to re-pay!

Press here to get this CD for no cost:

Our team of researchers has worked hard to develop a Government Funding CD that actually takes most of the work out of applying for a grant!

With over 400 billion dollars in Government funding and thousands of programs available, finding the right information can be difficult. The good new is that the Grant Research Guide can help you find the grant program that best fits your needs.

We offer information on how you can get your government money for housing and expenses, continuing your education, eliminating debt, starting a business and much more. The best part is that this is all money that you get to keep without having to pay back.

This CD includes:

??A listing of places where you can apply for a grant.

??All the paperwork needed for the application process.

??Step-by-step instructions on preparing your applications.

??Unlimited access 24/7 to the information at the Grant Help Center

??Downloadable federal grant listings

??Business plan wizard

??Easily export all forms & plans to MS Word

??Grant proposals tutorial

??and much more

..And it can be yours for no cost!

Press here to get your CD Today:


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Grant Research Guide

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Las Vegas NV 89120

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