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3510. Dr.Tim Smith
Subject: Good Day,

Greetings to you,

It is my pleasure to contact you for a business
venture which I hope you will be able to assist out.
Actually I am the director of the liberian refugee
camp here in Budubora Accra Ghana.

I have been approached by young John and his sick
mother to assist them look for a reliable reciever to
recieve their family treasure box which was sent to
Europe with informations supplied by one Mr. Saleh
Ibrahim  2 week ago, but we have recieve message from
his people that he has auto crash last week, and his
lawyer has given power of attorney for us to look for
a new person to recieve the treasure box from the
diplomat now in Europe.

If you can assist the family pick up this conisignemt
from the diplomat there in Europe, then reply to me
immediately, as the family is very worried that they
might lost 12.5million usd which they say is in the
treasure box. The family says you will be given 2.5
million usd if you can assist them recieve it from the
diplomat. You will also help them to buy a house and
invest in your country for a percentage fee.

Thanks and as I await your mail. Please reply soon.

Dr. Tim  Smith.
Director of the Refeguee Camp

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