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3517. MD.Royal Bank UK
Subject: From:Desk of Mr.Paul Patterson

Hello Sir/Madame, My name is Mr. Paul Patterson, Regional Head of British Isles (Royal Bank of Canada Investment Management (UK) Limited). I am writing in respect of a Switzerland British Citizen customer of my bank Mr. Victor Ratnavale, who died together with his wife in a Plane crash on Monday 7th September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while they were flying from New York to Geneva. Please see for more information. The late Mr. Victor Ratnavale left in our bank the sum of twenty five million five hundred thousand pounds (£25.5 million pounds) and nobody will ever come for this money because he died with his entire family. I am the only person that is aware of this money since Mr. Victor Ratnavale did not give to my bank any next of kin to inherit his money. Now, I want to use my position in the bank to transfer this money to your country for investment. If you can provide me with an account where I can transfer this (twenty five million five hundred thousand pounds) £25.5 million pounds. I will give you 25% of this entire funds. I am hoping to get a favourable response from you. Mr. Paul Patterson

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