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Subject: Collection Assistance

Dear Friend,

I am Carl Whilton. I have been in partnership with some North
Americans for some certain crude oil business here. Suffice to say
that we have made some good profit amounting to couple of millions of
dollars which is already in the custody of my partners in America.

Due to some obvious reasons and discreet nature of our transaction, my
partners in America have asked that my own share of this profit shall
not be disbursed directly from them to me here. They have authorized
me to seek and appoint in confidence another party located in America
or Canada to act as my receiving agent. This is why I make this
contact with you. If you think you are honest and capable to receive
this money on my behalf, do not hesitate to get back to me. Upon your
response, we shall discuss other modalities to include your commission
for every amount you are to collect on my behalf. Note that you have
no expenses whatsoever to make in this transaction. All that is needed
of you is your honesty and ability to collect the money as and when

Please treat as possible and mail via this email;
Carl Whilton.

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