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3570. David Sheppard
Subject: Seized Cheque/Draft

Federal Internal Revenue Service
8B Mosley Road S.W Ikoyi
Lagos Nigeria.

We have intercepted a cashier check issued in your name.
The check was intercepted by our officers at the Muritala Muhammed International 
Airport Lagos,Nigeria while the cashier check was being sent out of Nigeria,
and was brought to our office.
 The cashier check is currently with us at our Office Annex in Lagos,Nigeria.

To enable us confirm and verify the check as yours, kindly give us your full
name, your contact address, telephone/fax number.

  Inform us if you were processing to receive any fund? If yes, what is the
amount of Fund/cashier check/bank draft or money order you were processing to

As soon as we hear from you, if the name and details on the cashier check
corresponds with your name and details as you will give us, we will contact you
again for the verification and release of the check to you otherwise if the name
and details you give us does not in any way correspond with the name on the
cashier check, we will not contact you again.


David Sheppard,
Director Foriegn Affairs,
Federal Internal Revenue Service.

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