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3571. U.B.A Group
Subject: Money Gram Funds Transfer !!!

There is an issue with the Money Gram Transfer
in the amount of $500,000.00 directed at the
owner of this email address. THE EX GOVERNOR OF
KANU STATE IN NIGERIA, contacted us for your
transaction a couple of hours ago. He said that
he choose to send it to an email address
instead of a name. We are unable to complete a
transfer directed at an email address, so we
require some more information in order to
complete this transfer. You are required to
provide confirmation of the following:

-The name in which you wish to receive this transfer:
-Telephone / Fax Number:
-Occupation :
-Full Address Contact:
-State/ City:
-Zip Code:

In order to resolve this problem, plase call
our offices at +234-803-244-5111 or at this
As soon as this information is received, your
payment will be made to you in a Certified Bank
Draft or wired to your nominated bank
accountdirectly from The UNITED BANK OF AFRICA
[U.B.A] as soon as you comply with the
requirements . When calling or emailing ,
please use reference  number 250-153 for our
mutual convenience.THE MANAGEMENT OF UNITED
Mr. Allen Godwill

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