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3634a. HSBC Bank plc
Subject: HSBC - You Have 1 Unread Message
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 11:13:17 +0200

The world's local bank

Dear Internet Banking Customer,

You have received 1 new message from HSBC Bank plc.

Best Regards.
HSBC Banking plc Security Department Team.

* Please do not reply to this email as your reply will not be received.

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3634b. HSBC Bank Electronic Banking
Subject: HSBC Group Personal and Business Banking Service Upgrade
Date: 2008/05/29 Thu PM 05:19:00 BST

Dear HSBC Group Personal and Commercial Banking customer!

Our Technical Subdivision is doing a planned On-line Banking software update.

By clicking on the link below please commence the form of the member details update: These instructions are to be mailed and followed by all customers of the HSBC On-line Banking

HSBC Bank does apologize for any inconveniences caused to you, and is very appreciative for your cooperation.

If you are not user of HSBC Group please disregard this notice!

--- This is robot generated message please do not respond ---

(c) '08 HSBC Bank Personal and Business. All Rights Reserved.

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