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3636. Heimberg Theophlus
Subject: Letter of Notice

Dear Friend,

We have a client that we have rendered a legal service for over 20 years.

Recently he died in an auto crash in Bearn Swiss. But his will with us has not any relation that could be willed his properties and cash in banks. We have made several attempts to get someone who could claim this fund, but all to no avail.

We wrote a formal notice to the Ministry of Justice here. An approval was given that we should source for someone that has the same surname with our last client. We are glad to have contacted you, because our late client Mr George has the same surname with you, hence we contacted you to inform you that a relation of yours left behind the sum of US$20m in a bank here with us.

If we get your response we shall forward to you the necessary documents fon how to proceed.


Theophlus Heimberg

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