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3650. Abbas Saidou

Dear Friend,

How are you and your family?, Thanks for your urgent response to my mail,Meanwhile,I got your E-mail address after intensive search from our international chamber of commerce and industry and you are the only person I contacted for this transaction.I think you need better understanding of this transaction, so in this light read the information below; First, I want you to know that a next of kin can be a brother, sister, friend, or extended relation from any part of the world irrespective of your sex, age and colour as the bank is aware of this fact, you are related to the deceased or not does not matter,I want to assure you that there are no risks involved in this transaction because it is something I studied well as a senior director in this bank before contacting you to assist me as a foreign partner, to work as one body with sincerity and claim this dormant fund. like I stated earlier to you, if there is any risk of any kind I don't think I can risk my job opportunity for something that I am not sure of. I am still a senior director in this same bank where the fund will be transferred from to your designated account.I am also here to direct you in all things you are to do. I contacted you because I can not make this claim alone except with a foreigner, you have no much duty to do as I will be directing you appropriately in every step as we succeed.

The bank account holding the (US$11.5M) belongs to our bank customer who is deceased since the year 2000. our bank customer mr kurt kahle died alongside with his wife and son. the bank account that is holding the (US$11.5M) has no next of kin attached to it and as that the bank account is open to, liable to and subject to inheritance claim. I want you to understand that there is no time to waste, if this (US$11.5M) is not claimed now, it might remain forever in the treasury of the bank, the truth and the fact about this business I have given to you.

The transfer of the US$11.5M is going to take place legally in the bank, there is not going to be any short-cut transfer here in the bank, the transfer of the US$11.5M is going to take place under strict banking laws/ethics and operational guidelines so that the bank in your country is not going to disturb you, because due and proper banking process must be implied in the transfer. the bank in your country is not going to question you since the US$11.5M has to be transferred to your bank account as an inheritance claim fund' and you will be tagged the beneficiary of the fund.

The bank authorities must request some legal documents such as the certificate of death of mr.kurt kahle and I have already procured the death certificate of mr.kurt kahle. the bank authorities must surely request the presentation of this legal documentation before the transfer of this US$11.5M. I shall be your guidance in this transaction so there is not going to be any problem or mistake in this transaction.

Here are my personal data/profile.
(1) date of birth :01st /03/ 1964
(2) place of birth: fada n'gourma.
(3) height:1.99
(4) weight:84 kg, not permanent.
(5) sex: male.
(6) qualification: bsc in economics.
(7) occupation: banker.
(8) present position: (b.o.a) file/auditing debt.Director.
(9) working experience :( t.i.c) insurance banjul gambia, & presently in 
     (b.o.a) ouagadougou burkina-faso.
(10) marital status: married with 3 children.
(11) province of origine or state: bobo-dioulasso.
(12) nationality: burkina-faso west africa.
(13)blood type: ax.
(14) home: dad, mum no brother or sister, my wife & 3 children.
(15) pass.port nos: a1008622.
(16) driving licence nos : jf 08140.
(17) hobbies : listing to music & instructs school kids.
(18) h.i.v test: negative.
(19) life policies: always sober & calm.
(20) life styles: corporate & decent.
(21) work in a kitty: dont take it personal.
(22) favourite food: snacks & rice.
(23) favourite drinks: soft drinks.
(24) aim: to resign from bank & become an international business man.
(25) family adage: to whom much is given, much is expected.
office address: (b.o.a) north west zone-annex,01 ouaga, burkina faso.
house address: 82 zangote yenugua 02 bp 4587 ouagadougou, 02 burkina-faso, west africa.
get back to me with the informations below so that I can forward to you the text of application 
and the banks contacts for you to apply immediately.
Update me with your personal information such as:
1.Your name in Full:
2.Your House Address :
3.Your Occupation :
4.Your Age :
5.Your direct phone number;
get back to me immediately with all this information, then I can be able to forward to you the text 
of application and the banks contacts for you to apply to the bank.
Mr.Abbas Saidou.

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