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3662. Chantal Jeannie Tehe
Subject: sorrow

We come respectful with to your nice person by this message
to be a partnership suggestion. All while knowing that you
might have doubts on the subject of our history as a family
By the fault of crook of Internet as learned us here by the
I am called Chantal Téhé and my small brother Raph
Téhé. We are the children of defunct Mr. and Mrs Emile
Téhé, President of the Popular Movement from the Ivory
Coast (MPI,partie d opposition) and coffee -cocoa and food
processing system. (cafe-cao trade). We are orphans and
victims of the dirty war in cotes d`ivoire. We live
currently in a camp of refugié (cchheuu) here in cotonou
capital economical of the Benin Repulique. 
Our father was also working in the big gold and diamonds
farm situated in Séguela one of the cities of the western
region of the quotation of Ivory Coast. Nevertheless, very
late in the night of September 19 2002: Persons in armed
treillis up to tha teeth come to look for our father and our
mother without all time to give us the reason of their
questioning that night. They one just says that it was for a
necessity of investigation and that of the next day they
will be return.We passed a white night, me and my small
brother, including our officer of man. No news of them the
next day, two days after their arrest. In the same night of
September 19 2002 to about 01.52 pm, our father we call of
his portable one of their place of committal knowing the
worse to arrive and it informed us than it has a sum of
17.400.000$ in a Bank here to Benin Repulique. It admitted
that it employed my name as his girl heiress of the funds,
for that I should look for a foreign associate in a country
of my choice or I will transfer these funds with the
intention of investment, such as the real estate etc as this
was his investments. September 26 2002 to about 17.30pm, our
father was discovered in the forest of the banco his body
was riffled out of life with bullets as a vulgar outlaw of
biggang robbers . His body was discovered at random by a
park ranger that did his round check. No track of our mother
on the places, the body of our mother was discovered some
days after in edge of the lagoon ébrié by fishermen our
mother brutally was violated, amputated breast and killed
These deplorable incidents of my defunct parents was the
work of the escadrons of the death directed by the spouse of
the President of the Republic Mdm Simone Ehivet Gbagbo. We
join your through this link in favor that you have
confidence in our modest person and that you shouldn't doubt
us, for there are a lot of rumors that run as what the Coast
D Ivory has within his population of the bad augurs that
sway on Internet to swindle honest persons as you and me
profiting from it of our real histories, To do harm while
enriching itself on our back. Nb: that all this remains
confidential please that goes of our security. Please check
this link for more confirmation:

We look honorably for your assistance of the following
1) To help Us to transfer the funds on your bank account.
2) To serve Us as managing of these funds since we are
children of 21 and 19 years. 
3) To do the arrangement that we came in your country once
the funds transaction on your account. 
4) HAS to look for a better school for us in your country
since we always want to continue our studies. 
Besides, we are dispose to offer you 15% of the whole sum as
compensation after funds entry on your account.
If your option is to help us, you can contact us by:
Thank you and that God blesses you. 
Chantal and Raph Téhé. 

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