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3664. Susan Harrison
Subject: GOOD DAY YOU.........!!!

21 Landover road plum stead 
SE18 3ST London
Reply e-mail for further correspondence 

Good day to you, my name is Susan Harrison, I am an artist , and the owner of Susan Art World .I live and work in London with my two kids, 2 cats, one dog and the love of my life my husband James Harrison. It is definitely a full house.

I have been into artwork since childhood. That gives me years of experience. I majored in Art in high school and took a few colleges Art courses. Most of my work is done in either pencil or airbrush mixed with color pencils. I have recently added designing, ancient antiquities and creative artworks on the computer. I have been selling my art for the last 3 years and I have had my work featured on trading cards, prints and in magazines. I have sold some of my art works to some private companies in United States of America.
But I do face some difficulties when it comes to Payment, because all my customers in America always offer to pay me with U.S POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, and I find it very difficult to cash the U.S POSTAL MONEY ORDERS in London, This is because the British Government does not permit the usage of U.S POSTAL MONEY ORDERS in Britain.

Right now, I'm searching for a representative in United States that will be able to cash the MONEY ORDERS in America and wire the available funds to me in Britain. Who to trust are my problems. Ie series of arrangements with the FBI in Washington, in attempt for anyone to make away with my funds; definitely the laws will catch-up with him, and he will definitely face the consequences.

You are entitled to 15% commission for any transaction (that is for any money order cashed).This transaction is risk free and legal from the American Government.

Please get back to me with all Information listed below

(1)     Full Name
(2)     Full Contact Address
(3)     Phone Number
(4)     Age
(5)     Sex

Once again this transaction is 100% risk free and legal from the United States Government and the British Government, so feel free about this transaction and get back to me with the required information's to enable us proceed. Thanks for going through this proposal.

My warmest Regards and thanks for your anticipated assistant, 
Susan Harrison-Justin.
Director of SUS ART WORLD INC, 
London, United Kingdom

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