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3669. Richard Choong
To: Jowlion Codfather <>
Subject: Please contact the Bank

Dear Jowlion Codfather,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the fact that you are ready to assist me in executing this project, and also you will help me in investing my money in your country, I am quite certain about that. I want you to trust me and deal with me with a clean and good heart so that we make success in this business soon. Please understand that the success of this transaction is a means for us to build a solid foundation for our Children and Grand Children; a foundation they will build upon when we are no more so that our children will be proud of us.

I now wish to confirm the receipt of your full information, indeed things are getting more real now. Initially I was having double thoughts about your authenticity, I needed to be careful due to the money involved, but now you have proven to me that you are a remarkable man of your words and with your age I am very sure that you will be able to handle this deal successfully and confidential . I am very happy about this, you have earned my full respect and trust and I hope you will live up to the respect I have for you,

please do not let me down.

I have sent your Name and Address to my attorney who will put together the perfected paper work to be present to the bank for the release of the funds, this should take not longer than a day or two. In this light, I am sending you the contact information of the Bank so you can make enquiries on offshore/online account opening. I advice you to open an account with the bank so that once the funds are released, it will be moved straight into your account you have opened in the offshore bank and this transfer will not attract the monetary bodies that have strict monetary policies, as the transfer will be seen as in-house (same telex type with Bank here) after which you can then transfer the funds in safe and small bits to your main account in your country for both of us.

The authorities would simply believe this transfer to be a bank to bank affair, that is between the offshore bank and my bank here in Malaysia (inter bank affair since both banks bear same telex code) and it would not raise any eyebrows or trigger any red flags, it is necessary to take precautions on issues like this, and I have to ensure that our interest are protected in this transaction. This is completely legal and it will help in the transference of the funds done quietly.


ADDRESS: 65-73 Borough High Street, London Bridge , SE1 1NQ , United Kingdom .

Contact Person: Mr. Kelly Page (Fund Director)

Direct Tel (Fund Director) : +44 7984 640192.


I sincerely want to thank you for your commitment and diligence, but I also advice you to try and call the official who will be assisting you to set up your on-line offshore bank account so that you can speed up the process of account opening, you may also tell them in advance that you would be expecting a transfer from Malaysia. Once you open the account in the London Bank send to me your bank account information with the bank so that I will use that to initiate the transfer our big money. Please do make contact with the bank official by sending email and also call them so that the account opening can be fast. God Bless you for your positive resolve to affect our lives. Please keep me informed as soon as you contact the bank.

Once again it is very important that you keep the deal very confidential, please keep it to yourself alone so that we donít run into problem also to protect me and my job.

Best regards,

Richard Choong.

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