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3670a. Mrs. Sophia Dube
To: Jowlion Codfather <>
Subject: From Mrs. Sophia Dube

Dear Jowlion,

I want to thank you very much for your response to my e-mail to you. As a matter of fact I do not know you but I do believe we can do this deal with sincerity and I want you to be free with me as regard this transaction.

In this regard, I have to use this opportunity assuring you that this transaction that we are about to go into is 100% legitimate and risk free, so therefore, there is nothing for you to worry about. You will be required to put in an application of claims to the bank as next of kin of the deceased.

No beneficiary has ever come forth for the claims and if I do not remit this fund out, it will be confiscated into the Government Treasure as dormant funds. I am seeking for your co-operation to present or front you as the next of kin of the funds since you are having the same last name with the deceased. Hence I contacted you since in our records/data base the deceased does not specify any body as beneficiary. However, if you are interested in this transaction and willing to allow me to front you as beneficiary.

First, before we could do anything we are to have a common understanding among ourselves because the amount of money we are talking about is large sum of funds. I wish to inform you that I will use my influence, as the accountant of the deceased to project you as the next of kin of the deceased client to enable the approval of the funds over to you, as soon as I have your maximum support and confidentiality from you. Please bear in mind that, if there is going to be any problem I will never even started or rather embarked on it neither contacting you, considering my position at the bank as the accountant, my life entitlement (pension scheme). This is our lifetime opportunity, I planned, and I investigate properly and waited patiently for this opportunity.

Consequently as a result of the urgency and time being of the essence in this transaction, I will appreciate you forward to me the following information below.

Your full names:
Your direct confidential telephone numbers/Fax numbers:
Your Age:
House address/company address if any:
Marital status:

As soon as you furnish me with this in formations, I will send you the death certificate of the deceased and application of fund claim and full details of the deceased for you to contact the bank.

The Strategy is to use my influence as the accountant of my late client to make you the next of kin and advice you on what to do, to enable the transfer of funds without hindrance of any kind. if you decide to render your service to me in this regard, 40% of the total sum of USD14.7M will be for you and 60% for me. Secondly, I will want to give you the assurance that this project is scheduled to be completed within 10 to 14 working days if all instructions are followed up religiously.

But you have to assure me, guarantee that you are going to be trustworthy and honesty as soon as the funds arrive your hands because human are funny sometimes especially when it come to money issue. I will appreciate you use this email address in subsequent correspondence because it more reliable and confidential to me and please I will advise you treat this transaction very confidential because for security reasons, do not disclose to anybody. Being human and sometimes are funny and jealous as result you canít trust anybody so you have to keep everything regarding this transaction very secrets until we completed this project.

You can call me on my personal mobile number + 27 741 939 593.
I await hearing from you urgently.

Mrs. Sophia Dube.

3670b. Mrs. Sophia Dube
To: Jowlion Codfather <>
Subject: Application form/Death Certificate

Dear Jowlion,

Thanks for your respond and details you provided. . The attached file is the death certificate of the deceased and the application of funds claim. Fill in correctly the required informationís needed on the attached Application Form {Deceased Bio-data} and fax or email it directly to the bank as your application of claims, please make sure you print out the application form and sign on it before sending it to the bank.

Contact the bank via the bank contact details below.

Director  Of Foreign Operations Dept
Rennies Bank.
Tel: +27 839 613 905
Fax: +27 866 078 486

Please, I will appreciate it a lot if you can be prompt in responding to my emails, as you know this transaction we are about to going into we need a prompt response from each other.

Please I need your utmost co-operation in seeing that the funds leave the shore of South Africa to your account. As soon as you forward the application of claim to the bank, please do endeavor to keep me posted so that I will give you guidelines to follow, for the successful transfer of the funds to you.

Please whatever respond you get from the bank, make sure you keep me posted so that I will instruct you on what to do and please do not let the bank know my involvement in this transaction as I am still a staff of the bank.

I wait to hear from you as soon as you contact the bank.
Mrs. Sophia Dube.

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