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3693. Mrs. Judith Williams
Subject: HELP

From: Mrs. Judith Williams
My Private

Dear Friend,

My name is Judith Williams and I am 75 years of age. I am from New York City, United States of America. I reside in Birmingham City,England since I was married to a Briton. In my past life, I was known to be very greedy and I do not care about people and feelings, I lost my husband and two beautiful kids to bomb blast in London, Terrorist attacks on July 7TH 2005 and I had been managing our business successfully all alone without any contribution to humanity especially the needy.

But recently, my physician run a test on me and confirmed that I have cancer of the lungs and my chance of surviving is very low. With this unfortunate event, I seek the face of God and I was told to render all that I have to the needy, poor and the orphans around the world. I found this situation uneasy and my investment can no longer be managed with my present condition. I am lying critically ill in the hospital and I look up to God the giver and taker of life. With my encounter with Jesus Christ, I am willing to give all that I have to the Orphans, motherless babies, businessmen and students that seek help from God.

So I am writing this letter to you out there, which by any means lack the finances to pursue that project, those that need to carter for the babies and students that needed further education. Please contact me and stop weeping. Probably let me know what you really need the money for, and if you can still help me to distribute money to nearest charity homes near your town, city or state. Now Im so much with God, am now born again. May you be blessed as you reach me.

Please to remind you, don't belongs to scams or any act of fraudulent on internet, I will give more information as I await your response immediately. Respond to me through this private email address: E-mail:

Best Regards
Mrs. Judith Williams

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