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3715. Wang, Chao-Ying
Subject: Prize Alert!!(

BATCH No:MFI/06/APA-43658,REF. No: 2007234522

We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our computer balloting Games.This is a Millennium Scientific Computer Draw in which your email addresses were Selected Among The Online Winner of The YAHOO AWARDS & HOTMAIL/WINDOWS LIVE.You have won the sum of (£250,000.00).To claim your prize contact Mr.Greg Ceba,+44 704 572 6934 and Email:
Provide this details:Name:Address:Country:Nationality:Age:Sex:Occupation:Phone/Mobile/.

Yours Faithfully ,
Sir Atula Denis Jacose,
PRINCIPAL PARTNERS: Barrister Boby Tey, Ms. Mary Colan Esq, Hendrix Brown Esq,Melisa Johnson Esq

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