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3732. Bishop Paul S Morton
Subject: Bishop Paul S Morton

Bishop Paul S Morton
The  Anglican Church ;
1515  Surulere  Avenue ,
Bp 102  Cotonou 
Benin Republique.

I am delighted to address you by the Power given to me from above as the Bishop of the Anglican Churches here in Cotonou Benin . You Must Confirm this shortly from now pending your positive response to this. I am Sending you this Message in Respect to a Lebanese Citizen Mr Andy P Johnito ,an industrialist here in Cotonou Benin Republique, who Invested the sum of US 9,000.000.00 in a Finance Firm here in Cotonou Benin Republique, Unfortunately, he died in a plane crash here in Cotonou which Happened on 26:/12:/:2003 at Benin Internartional airport, Including his family all died in that crash.

We now request your co-operation/ assistance to claim this fund to be distributed to the Needy/ poor people in your country, as all efforts made both at the Church here and his Fellow Lebanese Citizens to locate his Relatives did not work out . I used to pray for him when he was alive , He was Very Strong in the Lord .

He worshipped with us at the Anglican Church here in cotonou and as a Result we developed a Profound Family relationship. Most of his belongings, he left them with me for safe keep, among them, all his Business registration papers, His information with The Corporation Continental Finance & Securities for his USD 9000,000.00 Deposit . Even his Gold .

Now that we cannot locate any of his relation, we decided that this Money , USD 9000 ,000.00 be distributed to Charitable homes any where in the world .We are now looking for a trust worthy person or persons who will come and claim this fund and distribute it to charitable homes. Note that this is never ever a joking affair Please . It is a devine Revelation from above to have this done .

You can contact me directly by Means of Telephone Call or E-mail, but be sure when this fund finally gets to you, you must use it accordingly as indicated here in this message. Keep it extremely confidential please until this transaction is concluded soonest . Send me your Phone Number, Your address and your Full names, to my email address; then give me a phone call in confirmation ( if you are Faithful enough to do this, Do Let me know Immediately and you must witness the goodness of the Lord in your Life , Family , Business and your entire generation ; I remain for you in Fervent Prayers. Your Quick Response is required

Bishop  Paul S Morton
The Anglican Church 
Cotonou Benin Rep 

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