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3738. Marcco Mozzari

Fondation De France Office,
Corso Ercole I d'Este 44,
Ferrara 44100 - Italy.
Grant Beneficiary,
Qualification number: (N-299-84,E-625-08)

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your grant claims. Your qualification number has been verified and you have been validated for the claim of [One Million United states dollars). Congratulations from the office of the VITTORIO FONDAZIONE.

The Fondazione Di Vittorio, established 1977 by the Multi-Million groups and now supported by the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS),United Nations Organization (UNO) and the European Union (EU) was conceived with the objective of human growth, educational, and community development.

This donation is given out randomly to world wide individuals, for their personal business development and enhancement of their educational plans. The objective is to make a notable change in the standard of living of people all around the Universe and in the fight of HIV/AIDS pandemic from America to Europe, Asia to Africa and all around.
To immediately further your claim, and facilitate the immediate release of your donation funds to you likewise other recipient around the globe, You are required to assist in the documentation of your donation by sending your name and country to the below.

Send informations to
We do wish that you use your donation for a profitable reason to your future and that of the charity home please.

Congratulations once more.
Sign. Mr Luciano Bern
Executive Secretary, VITTORIO FONDAZIONE

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