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3746. Peter Brown Esq.

Let me formally introduce myself for clarity purposes, I am Peter Brown Esq. an assistant and private counsel to the late Mr. Yuriy Abramovich a Russian national who passed on last two years.

I write to inform you that my associate now deceased, who although did not disclose his ties with you but I believe had in a certain stage of his life passed through or had dealings with you, made you a beneficiary to an asset of his, as is stated in his WILL. Your name was specifically put as a beneficiary to the funds in a special deposit account which Mr. Yuriy Abramovich operated. This has also been duly confirmed by the bank and also in certain document in which Mr. Yuriy Abramovich indicated same.

Going by the information as stated, I make this contact to you to ascertain your existence and also to know if you consent to the matter so stated to enable me make the required arrangements to have your company as it were approved of and paid the due amount as stated by Mr. Abramovich.

A response from you will be required to enable me make the submissions to the executor of the WILL and other quarters so involved in this.

Kindly reconfirm your personal information in the spaces provided below:

*Your Full Name: ---------------- 
*Address: -----------------------
*City/State: --------------------
*Telephone: ---------------------
*Mobile/Cell Phone: -------------
*Current Occupation: ------------
*Age: ---------------------------

I hope to hear from you immediately.

Warm Regards

Peter Brown
Tel: +44-701-4227511
Fax: +44-701-4227512

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