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3780. Paul Lapiquerie

Dear Friend,

I am highly delighted to be in contact with you and sorry for the embarrassment this mail might be to you as we have not met or known each other before; it is with trust and sincerity of purpose that I write to you.

I am Attorney Paul Lapiquerie, a Legal Practitioner. I have decided to contact you so that we can carry out this mutually beneficial business transaction due to the confidence and trust I have in you irrespective of the fact that we have not met or see each other before.I contacted you for your product and at the same time for this transaction that is going to benefit the both of us because i intend to come over to your country and spend the rest of my days with my family.Therefore i need to undertake this business with you as i have been looking for somebody that Shares the same country of origin with my late client.

My late Client Mr. Jim R.Rea,a Mexican-American, until his death deposited a total of US$14.6 Million (fourteen Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) four years ago with a Security Company.He was an Oil Consultant/Contractor when he was alive. Since I am the personal attorney to Mr. Jim R.Rea, he gave me the custody of the deposit documents, and as such entrusted me with the Legal Rights to transfer and execute this deposit to any Next of Kin after his demise.

I have since tried to locate any member of his immediate family without success; hence I decided to contact you so that you can rightfully/legitimately stand as the beneficiary to inherit the deposited sum. This is a staggering sum like you know, and I need a reliable person to help me with necessary arrangements to transfer the deposited sum in your name and recommendation before it is declared unserviceable by the bank where the said fund was deposited.I contacted you because you share the same country of origin with him and it affords me the right to make you the beneficiary of the money.

By virtue of my position as an Attorney, I will arrange the documents in your name so that you can legitimately apply as a heir to my Late client so that the proceed of the said amount could be paid to you.

Note: You not being his blood relative will not be a barrier to the success of this transaction. You will be entitled to 40% of the total sum should you be willing to assist me in this business transaction, and I will get the remaining 50% for my legal services while 10% will be mapped out for all expenses that we might incur in this transaction. I will prepare a formal agreement to guide us in this transaction for accountability purpose.

Please forward the following information about yourself to me:
1:Your full name
2:Your country of origin
3:Your age and occupation
4:Your marital status
5:Phone numbers

Contact me at my private email and phone number below.


With effect as you receive this message, I hope to receive a positive
response from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

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