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3789. Kenneth Johnson

The Spanish Sweepstake Lottery
International Promotion/Award Department
Ref: SSL/61-ILGI059/45
Batch: SSL/15/096/GCO

We write to congratulate you as your email address has won you
1,000,000.00(One Million Euro) in the recently conducted software email
lottery by SPANISH SWEEPSTAKE LOTTERY. This was done after email addresses
were randomly selected by our database software powered by the Internet
and your email address was among those chosen this quarter to claim
your award, you are to contact the fiduciary agent; GRUPO CATALANA
LOUIS MARTINS (Remittance Officer)
TEL: +34-693-253-661
You are to forward the following details below to the remittance
officer for processing and remittance.
1. Full Names:
2. Age :
3. Sex :
4. Contact Address :
5. Occupation :
6. Phone and fax numbers :
7. Country of Residence:
Thomas Jose
Lottery Director.

Greetings to you,
My name is Rev Cally martins, the General Consultant of SPARTA LOAN FIRM.
I have been ordered by my directors to inform the general public that we now
give out loan at a very low interest rate. The rate is as low as 2%
Name: Rev Cally Martins
Tel: (+234) 802-772-0993
Once I receive your request, we'll get back to you immediately with the loan
Thanks for your time and understanding,
Rev Cally Martins General Consultant SPARTA LOAN FIRM
Please Fill this application Form below: LOAN APPLICATION FORM
Your Full Name*
Your Email*
Your Full Telephone*
Your Address*
Your City*
Your Country*
Fax Number Date of Birth *
Credit Score *
Account Balance *
Do You Have An Account? *
Have You Applied Before ? *
Loan Amount Needed *
Loan Duration *
Purpose Of Loan *
We believe we have been able to answer most of the questions that are
frequently asked by loan applicants before securing a loan. In agreement to the
above rules/policies, you are expected to fill the form provided above. Thanks
for your understanding and for choosing this firm.

Rev. Call Martins General Consultant You can reach me @+2348027720993 for more

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