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3814. Big Mac Tank Truck
Subject: Job Opportunities WORK AT HOME(Part\FullTime)Apply Now

Construction Company
Career Opportunities
Interested Applicant:

We are currently seeking 11 part or full time employees for our ever-growing Accounts Receivable Department. Through extensive demographic research, we have discovered a wealth of untapped human resources that, for one reason or another,need the freedom to work from home.

If this sounds like you, please read on, and consider becoming part of our company family. BIG MAC TANK TRUCK Construction Company is a leading $3.2 billion global automotive supplier that has grown from our original 5 North American manufacturing facilities since our founding in 1994, to 27 global locations serving over 100 customers in 12 countries.
Due to our wide and varied interest, as well as ever increasing overhead, we have found it necessary to have our clients prepay for orders, whether in part,or full. Since the majority of our clients are overseas, most of our cash flow comes in the form of certified checks or money orders, payable in US Funds.
The position of Accounts Receivable officer entails the following duties: coordinate payments from our clients, receive payments,process payments at your local bank, and forward 90% of funds received to the proper branch office, as instructed. The remaining 10% is your compensation. Since this position is need-based, you will have plenty of free time while enjoying a good income.If interested, please reply with full name, full residential address, phone numbers, and email address, so that one of our Human Resource Managers can contact you for an interview. Please specify the best way to contact you in your reply email or phone. We appreciate your interest in BIG MAC TANK TRUCK Construction Company!

Mark Simth,
Chairman & CEO,
Construction Company
8000 W Florissant Ave,
St Louis MO 63136

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