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3840. National Loyalty CashOut Promo
Subject: --- Important Service Announcement --- (CONGRATULATIONS)


Sent: Monday, June 30th,2008

Attn Winner,

National Loyalty CashOut Promo (NLCOP) Monthly Promo Draws. 

This is a Re-Notification of your unclaimed winning which we ran on our automated computer ballot of most of our unclaimed winnings.


You have won yourself a cash prize of £915,810.00. Your e-mail address attached to Serial Number: 8756-NBUK05, Lucky Numbers: 11 13 26 34 44 48 Bonus Number:2. For more informations about your winnings and claim of prize, contact our Claim Agent with the below PAYMENT PROCESSING FORM filled by you.

1)  MR./MS. :

2)  Family Name (Last Name/Surname):

3)  Given Name (First Name/Additional Names):

4)  Country of Birth:

5)  Country of Citizenship:

6)  Complete mailing address:

7)  City/State:

8)  Telephone Number: 




Phone Number: +44 (070) 4572 2133


This address does not receive mail, so please do not reply to this message. If you have any questions, please email our Claim Agent(Mr.G. Wallace) at


Carstensen A. Attwood

(Web-Email Support)

Peterborough,United Kingdom.

Copyright  1994-2008 uk_Loyalty.Cash-Out lotto Inc. All rights reserved.

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