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3846. Odyssey Oil and Gas
Subject: The Uranium Bull Market Is Set To Explode!

Odysey Oil and Gas, Inc Odysey Oil and Gas, Inc



Applications have been submitted for prospecting rights over a total of some 47 km2 (4,700ha) located 15 km south east of the town of Bela Bela (Warmbaths), 90km north of Pretoria, in the south western part of a group of Karoo sedimentary rocks known as the Springbok Flats Coal Field.
This falls into the International Atomic Energy Agency geologically recognised uranium deposit type classified as Lignite.

As the name implies, the area is generally flat lying at an altitude of 106Om a.m.s.l., well served by utilities, the N1 highway and the main Pretoria - Musina railway line some 10km to the west.

Uranium was discovered in the Springbok Flats Coalfield during exploration drilling in the coal zone of the Ecca group of the Karoo supergroup. The Coal zone which is up to 12m thick occurs in the uppermost part of the Permian Ecca group which has been correlated with the Volksrust formation of the main Karoo basin. Uranium was detected as depths of 20m to 650m with most occurrences ranging from 100m to 200m below surface.

The Springbok: Flats basin is a fault bounded Graben trending north-east south­west with approximate dimensions of 190km by 60km. The uranium is concentrated in the coal and carbonaceous shale of the upper part of the coal zone over a width of 1m with an upper enriched zone of 0,1m, containing reported grades ranging from 160g/ton to 1kg/ton over the total width.

The uranium is disseminated in the coal and carbonaceous shale with grain sizes of less than 20 microns. Suggested uranium carriers are coffinite (USiO4), oyamalite ([P]ZrSiO4), aurelite (Th silico-phosphate) and solid solution between coffinite and xenotime (YPO4). A High proportion of uranium is probably held in organo-metallic compounds.

The source of the uranium is from the proximate granites (20-40ppm U) of the Bushveld Igneous Complex (2,06 Ga) which surround and underlies a large proportion of the Springbok Flats basin. The highest concentrations of uranium occur in the vicinity of granitic palaeo-highs and below the coarse grained pebbly sandstone of the Late Triassic Molteno formation where it discordantly overlies the coal zone.
As the uranium is located in the upper part of the coal zone, it was probably formed epigenetically from oxidised ore fluids that migrated from both the granitic palaeo-highs and surrounding BIC granites and from the overlying granitic detritus of the Karoo sedimentary formations, transported downwards by oxidising ground water. The uranium would have been adsorbed by the carbonaceous fractions producing organo-metallic compounds.

The following is a calculation of a possible tonnage and grade and in no way does this reflect prospecting results over the area concerned, but is included for illustrative purposes only.

An area of 4,700ha at 1m width with an SG of 2,t5 could produce 100,000,000 tons of are (15% loss factor assumed - geological and other losses).

If a grade of 0,4kg/ton can be proven, this would produce 40,000,000kg or -88,000,000lbs of uranium.

R. J. Mossom (BSc.,Pr.Sci.Nat.,MGSSA)

Cole, 0. 1.,1998. Uranium in The Mineral Resources of South Africa (M.G.C. Wilson & C.R. Anhaeusser, eds.): Handbook, Council for Geoscience, '16, p 6Ej3.

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The Uranium Bull Market
Is Set To Explode!

Odyssey Oil & Gas sitting on top of
88,000,000 million pounds of
The spot price of uranium is above
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Odyssey Oil & Gas (OOGI.OB) has
acquired the rights for the Springbok
Flats Uranium field in Limpopo Province
in South Africa. The initial report by R.
J. Mossom (Bsc, PR.Sci.Nat..MGSSA)
says that the possible tonnage could be
up to 88,000.000 pounds of

$63 dollars a pound x 88 million
pounds = $5.5 BILLION! That's billion
with a very big "B".
Odyssey Oil and Gas is one of those small cap gems that can become a
winner for those who get in now. The stock was laying flat at $0.40 for a long time... but that was before the company decided to get into the uranium
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OOGl is a Florida company with an interest in a Texas oil well and this Texas company's African expansion isperfectly timed for you to profit from. The price of uranium is up over five fold in the past two years. You think that common-sense market forces alone won't double or triple this stock. How about a rise of ten to twenty times? Eighty Cents to $8 bucks.
Currently 85 cents. I think it will go a lot higher and everyone who mines their share will be in line for some spectacular windfall profits. Add billions in potential sale to a small cap stock at forty cents just waiting to be discovered and the timing is unbeatable for those who get in now.
Are you with me so far?
Are you With the OOGI program?
Or are you wailing for the train to leave the station and talk about another one you missed?
The word on The word on Odyssey Oil & Gas hasn't really hit the street. With all the hot air from the dozens of big-mouths running for President, OOGI's Springbok Flats Uranium Field is under the radar, waiting for fund managers to do the math.
Okay, Let's do that again. Uranium is at $63 bucks a pound. OOGI's South African field could have up to 88 Billion pounds. Get out your calculator if you have enough zeros.

Traders Prophet in his Small and Micro Cap stock service was bullish on Uranium Stocks back in the Autumn of 2006. He felt they were tremendously undervalued. By the middle of 2007 they had become fully valued and he issued sell recommendations on all the Uranium picks. Those that listened made huge profits.

Fronteer Development (FRG:AMEX) From October, 2006 to May, 2007 the stock moved from $5.20 to $14+.

Uranium Resources (URRE:NASDAQ) From October, 2006 to November, 2007 the stock moved from $2.50 to $15 and the stock moved from the OTCBB to NASDAQ.

Uranerz Energy (URZ:AMEX) From October, 2006 to May, 2007 the stock moved from $1.50 to $7.50 and the company moved from OTCBB to AMEX.

USA Uranium (USAU:OTCBB) From October, 2006 to May, 2007 the stock moved from $0.10 to $1.25.

After a big sell off, Uranium Stocks are once again headed higher.

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