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3855. Allen York
Subject: Employment Availability Offer!!!!/GOOD PROFIT IN RETURN!!

I hope this email meets you in good condition of health, because thatís what matter most in life. I have a vacancy in my company. As I am just setting up in the USA/CANADA & EUROPE, I will be requiring a Representative to work on a part time basis because is the only available position I have now in my firm. I sell Arts all over the world; have sold to galleries and to private collectors.
I am always facing serious difficulties collecting my payments from some clients due to there choice of payment for it, they are always offering to pay with either Money orders/traveler check, which is difficult for me to cash here in United Kingdom.

I just need some one that could help me, this position will not take up your time nor will you have to use your own resources for the position.
The job does not entail anything stresses full, you can do this while you still continue with your full time job or school. All you need is to devote about 5 hours of your time in a week in a given period of time.
The payment will be sent to you via regular mail or FedEx. When you get this payment, which are for my Art Works, you will cash it at your bank, deduct 10 percent of the money for your effort and have the rest wired to me.

All you have to do is help receive payments from my customers in your location, Please an honest and responsible Person is needed, and if you act funny with my money, then the authorities will take over.
Please if you are interested, forward all required Informationís as below to me

**Your Name:
**Mailing Address:
**Zip Code:
**Cell/phone number:
**E-mail address:
**Present working Status:
Allen York

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