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3861. Francis Omar Ncube
Subject: Urgent Family Apeal

Dear Sir. My name is Francis Omar Ncube the elder son of Mr. Anthony Omar Ncube of Zimbabwe This might be a surprise to you about where I got your contact. A career diplomat who I consulted in my search for a reliable individual/company who can assist me in transferring a reasonable sum of money abroad to a company or private account introduced your firm to me.

During the current election crises in Zimbabwe all the MDC supporter were unjustfully brutalized by Robert Mugable and his war vetrans in a bid to intimidate the general masses to yeild by voting him into power again. My father was a rich farmers in our country and because he did not support Mugabe's ideas, his supporters invaded our home and burnt everything in the farm, killing my father and made away with a lot of items in my father's farm.

Before his death however, my father anticipated much danger and had deposited with one of the finance Company in SOUTH AFRICA, the sum of US$ 15,000,000Million after the death of my father, I decided to move to the Republic of South Africa with my mother and little sister in order to withdraw this money and start a new life all over again. Upon arrival here to our greatest surprise were denied access to the money due to the accumulated demurrage in the security company. All my efforts to persuade the manager to allow me access to the vault was in vain because my father declear the content of the box as family valuable without openly declearing it as cash.

So I decided to contact overseas companies and individuals that will be willing to assist me to retreaving this money for investment in a safe oversea country. We are presently seekeing asylum here in South Africa hoping for Gods divine intervention to save us from Mugabes' allies here in South Africa. As asylum seekers we have no status and are not allowed to operate any bank account or any type of employment.

We have agreed to offer you 20% of the total sum for your assistance, 5% will be mapped out for any recorded expenses that may be incurred by you in the course of this transaction and 75% will be for me and my family to invest in your country.

All I want you to do is to furnish me with your Personal phone and fax numbers for easy communication. Note that the confidentiality of this business would be highly appreciated for security reasons.

Thanks and God bless.

Best regards,
Mr. Francis Omar Ncube for the family

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