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3864. PETROCI Holding

BP V194
Abidjan , Ivory Coast

My name is ENG. micheal moris an Indonesian National presently working with an oil company here in Africa Abidjan Ivory coast under PETROCI ABIDJAN, we are working here in the coastal gas exploration in the offshore at the middle of the sea here in Abidjan base on the on going contract to construct a 60,000 – barrel – per day, including TURN-AROUND MENTAINANCE OF VANDALIZED PIPE LINES caused by recent wars as a result of economic sabotage, i was in your Country recently for a procurement of this oil servicing tools, this oil servicing tools is what we use in tightening pipelines under the sea to avoid rusting after installing tanks. The name of this product is called OIL-PIPE CORK /WHW/TYPE 10ARM, it is in metallic form in packets, 5 packets makes one carton, the last time i bought it was at the rate of $4, 500.00 that was on August 2007 when i came for this procurement, and i do supply to my company at the rate of $7,000,000 so i make profit of TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED dollar for each carton.

Now I have been changed from PROCUREMENT to MAINTAINANCE am no longer in position for the procurement due to change of office , presently I am confused because of the present change of department’ so a new person is coming down to buy 1000 cartons and he doesn't know the Main dealer and they are asking me for the name and contact of the dealer and i don’t want to give it to them because if i do they will find out from the dealer how much am buying and how much i supply to PETROCI base on this i don't know anybody there that i can trust that is why i contact you to know if you can help on this matter.

What i want to do is to give them your contact as the dealer of the said OIL PIPE CORK so that they can make the part-transfer to you before arrival since they are advised not to travel with huge cash, upon their arrival they will contact you as the dealer already they had transferred the money into your account so that you can make the supply' all you will do is to contact the Main dealer and buy the product and supply to my company, the most important thing is to make sure that the price differences are observed, please be informed you don't need to take them to the main DEALER because if you does they will find out the exact amount ok let me know if you can do this for me before i give them your contact , you will take 30% of the profit and me and the Account Department in charge of payment will share 70% because she is aware of the OVER INVOICE , please you have to help this matter with transparency.

Finally once everything is concluded i will give you the direct number of the main dealer in your country so that you call him and ask him if he have up to 1000 cartons, you must not tell him that we are coming down from PETROCI Abidjan' possible if they know we are foreign buyers they may increase the price or ask you to bring the buyers to THERE warehouse then the business will spoil, you just tell the dealer you are the buyer and you need the product the Agent is in conjunction with SHELL COMPANY in US and Canada and they also have office in Some Other Country.

I wait for your urgent response so that I can give you the direct line of the main dealer , My people have their tickets now ready for departure and if everything works fine upen their arrival you meet them at the airport and they will hand you over the money if they ask you do you want check or cash please tell them you want cash so that it will be easier for you to meet the Main dealer and buy from him and supply to my company.

Let me hear from you as soon as possible.

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