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3883. Anthony L. Lloyds
Subject: Please reply immediately

From: T-Lloyds Investment Co.
         Alloys Read, Park 1, Reading, Lancashire,
         RG6 1PT Great Britain (U.K)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the C.E.O of T-Lloyds Invest. Co. based in the UK. My company exports finished leather 
products and other goods/services for world trade. What we really require is someone who can 
represent this company in U.S.A, Canada and Asia

We are seeking and searching for representatives who can stand as our agent and helping us to 
receive payments from our custumers in U.S.A, Canada and Asia.

Presently, we are been owed up to $97,000 and the companies in question has agreed to begin 
installmental payment.

If you are willing to work for us, you would be paid 10% of any total deal and payments you 
reeive on behalf of my company.
The second thing required of you would be for you to establish a relationship on behalf of our 
company with other companies in your country so that we can have new ideas and directions. 
We shall direct you accordingly as time goes on.

This job is rather easy and does not require a lot of expertise. If you are interested in this 
business offer, please reply accordingly with your full names and contact telephone number.

Very Respectfully,
Anthony L. Lloyds
T-Lloyds Investment Co.

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