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3885. Jason Williams
Subject: Per Time Job Offer

The Entire staff and Management of Costa Coffee GROUP are pleased to invite you into our team. My name is Jason William HR Department, (Costa Cofee)I just reviewed your email through our email search and we would be very interested in offering you a part-time position in our company.
I wish to offer you a position as a Cash /Service representative for Costa Coffee uk, in the United States/Canada. This position is designed for you to help us handle our cash and other money transfer related transactions of our clients in the North American region.
I would also like to bring to your attention that this is a contract and commission based part time job, therefore you are only allowed to deduct a total of10% after completing each transaction. I trust you understand that we can only offer you a part-time position at the moment and that the terms and condition of payments would be based on commission only.
However, keep in mind that this is a part time position that could lead to a full time employment at Costa Coffee Uk in the future depending on your work output and efficiency.

More importantly, no experience is required. Information will be made available to you on what to do. This information will include how to handle and send our funds. With this part-time position, you are guaranteed a minimum of $300per week. However, you can also maximize your pay or commissions, if you are efficient and make a timely delivery to us.

I advise that you put this into consideration.
Additionally, this is a job that involves a lot of trust and honesty,you will be dealing with cash, cheques and money orders for
Costa Coffee from our clients in the North American region. Lastly, this job has been designed not to affect your present job or employment, nor will it bring about any form of stress onto you. If you would be willing to include a good paying, part time job to your daily list of activities, please reply back as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that this offer is for a limited time only. For more information about our company, please visit us at
If you are interested in this position, please complete the following information below.


The above information should be forwarded to our Enlisting officer 

In any events, rest assured that I wish you luck. 
Thank you for your time and kindest attention. I am
Very truly yours
Jason Willaim
Costa Coffee Uk

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