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3898. Thomas Freder
Subject: GOOD NEWS.

             DEPARTMENT PANEL           
          Avenue Jean-Paul 11,
           09Bp 0787 COTONOU,

           Tell +229-98282946

We are in receipt of your message but your kind letter to this office have saved you from the dangers of loosing your cashiers check. However, you must understand one thing. That is, we are a constituted authority under the control of Benin Government. We can only grant your request under one condition that is equally very tight to us but we will try to cover up when questioned.

We have just concluded a MANAGEMENT board meeting with Anti-Laundering Council who monitors every Check, if it is real in nature and in purpose, a decision has been taken on the subject matter not to impound your casher's check any more but to go-head and issue you the clearance certification showing that the money is not a settlement for terrorist activities in the hope that prosecution against you can be avoided. Only this can ratify and confirm that you acquired the money NOT from Fraudulent activities and not into any terrorism.

Check is money and it is against the international law for money related to be sent through courier service without the normal frame of legal process of the country.

The official fixed Government price for the NON-FRAUD clearance Certificate and **Police Clearance Certificate is One Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars Only($150.00)

The above are the proper documents required by law before Your Cheque of 1.5 million usd will be released to you.

This is very important and that is only way you can get the Check. You have to do this today to enable us issue you with the clearance certification and empowered the concerned Courier Company to proceed in sending the cashier's cheque to you without further delay.

This is the information which you will use to send the money for clearance certification Through Western Union Money Transfer

Receivers Name:OWANA LEWIS
Country : Benin Republic.
City: Cotonou
Security Question:Clearance

Any further delay in obtaining the clearance certification at this point 
may not be to your advantage.

Yours Faithfull,
MR.Thomas Freder.
Area Commander (FAFIDP)

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