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3928. Rita Peterson
Subject: WORK FROM HOME; EARN 10100.0%




Introduction:SMITH PLC,is specialized in home textiles import and export. It was reorganized from Fabrics and Poles Textiles Ltd, into a new joint-stock company.

With an annual export turnover over US$260 million, SMITH PLC LTD takes a leading position in its own trade all over USA,UK and across the globe.SMITH PLC has been

awarded the certificate for compliance with the standard ISO9001: 2006.

Job Description:
We need someone who would be helping in receiving payments from our clients in the States.An agent who is responsible and reliable that will be handling the payment aspect. The payment will be addressed and sent to you and all you need do is to get it cashed, deduct your percentage and wire the balance back to any of our accountants/lawyers in our regional warehouses. The problem we have is getting someone that is really capable and trustworthy as though we surely have our way of getting anyone that tried to get away with our money.

The FBI will surely be interested and get involved. This offer is not going to cost you any amount because all you need to do is to receive payments which will be sent to you via delivery courier from our clients, which would come in forms of acceptable monetary instruments,get it cashed and send the cash to our accountants/lawyers and all required charges for all transfer should be deducted from the money.

Requirements Needed:
Physical Address( Not P.O.Box) with your state,city and zip code ):
Phone Number:
Bank Name:

10% commission on proceeds made to you on behalf of the company by our customers/clients via your regional sales office - Basic salary of 120,000.00

United States Dollars per annum (Negotiable, i.e 10,000.00 US DOLLARS monthly) and - 4% bonus on total sales of company products quarterly upon sales office establishment at the end of year.

Thanks for your time and anticipation to work with SMITH PLC

Sincerely Yours,

Rita Peterson.
Recruitment Officer
Tel: (240)-722-4566/(240)-254-5378

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Thank you.

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